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Edward B. Rock L'83

Saul A. Fox Distinguished Professor of Business Law

Edward Rock

Edward Rock writes widely on corporate law and corporate governance. In recent years, working with Marcel Kahan at NYU, he has written a series of award-winning articles on hedge funds, corporate voting, proxy access, corporate federalism and mergers and acquisitions. Continue reading…


  • Corporations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Securities Regulation
  • Antitrust


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Articles and Book Chapters

Corporate Law Doctrine and the Legacy of American Legal Realism, 163 U. PA. L. REV. 2019 (2015)

Symbolic Corporate Governance Politics, 94 B.U. L. REV. 1997 (2014) (with Marcel Kahan)

Adapting to the New Shareholder-Centric Reality, 161 U. PA. L. REV. 1607 (2013).

Shareholder Eugenics in the Public Corporation, 97 CORNELL L. REV. 849 (2012).

The Insignificance of Proxy Access, 97 VA. L. REV. 1347 (2011) (with Marcel Kahan).

When the Government is the Controlling Shareholder, 89 TEX. L. REV. 1293 (2011) (with Marcel Kahan).

When the Government is the Controlling Shareholder: Implications for Delaware, 35 DEL. J. CORP. L. 409 (2010) (with Marcel Kahan).

Embattled CEOs, 88 TEX. L. REV. 987 (2010), reprinted in 52 CORP. PRAC. COMMENTATOR 561 (2010) (with Marcel Kahan).

The General Counsel of a Nonprofit Enterprise: Some Questions, 46 HOUS. L. REV. 17 (2009)

How to Prevent Hard Cases from Making Bad Law: Bear Stearns, Delaware and the Strategic Use of Comity, 58 EMORY L.J. 713 (2009) (with Marcel Kahan).

Hedge Fund Activism in the Enforcement of Bond Covenants, 103 NW. U. L. REV. 281 (2009) (with Marcel Kahan).

On Improving Shareholder Voting, in RATIONALITY IN COMPANY LAW: ESSAYS IN HONOUR OF DD PRENTICE (Jennifer Payne and John Armour eds., Hart Publishing, 2009) (with Marcel Kahan).
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The Hanging Chads of Corporate Voting, 96 GEO. L. J. 1227 (2008) (with Marcel Kahan).

Corporate Taxation and International Charter Competition, 106 MICH. L. REV. 1229 (2008) (with Mitchell Kane).

Hedge Funds in Corporate Governance and Corporate Control, 155 U. PA. L. REV. 1021 (2007) (with Marcel Kahan) (winner of the 2007 De Brauw Prize for the best 2006 paper in the ECGI Law Working Paper series).

The Corporate Form as a Solution to a Discursive Dilemma, 162 J. INST. & THEOR. ECON. 57 (2006).

Symbiotic Federalism and the Structure of Corporate Law, 58 VAND. L. REV. 1573 (2005) (with Marcel Kahan).

A New Player in the Boardroom: The Emergence of the Independent Directors’ Counsel, 59 BUS. LAW. 1389 (2004) (with Geoffrey C. Hazard).

Corporate Control Transactions, 152 U. PA. L. REV. 463 (2003) (with Michael L. Wachter).

Corporate Constitutionalism: Antitakeover Charter Provisions as Precommitment, 152 U. PA. L. REV. 473 (2003) (with Marcel Kahan).

Dangerous Liaisons: Corporate Law, Trust Law, and Interdoctrinal Legal Transplants, 96 NW. U. L. REV. 651 (2002) (with Michael L. Wachter).

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pill: Adaptive Responses to Takeover Law, 69 U. CHI. L. REV. 871 (2002) (with Marcel Kahan).

Norms & Corporate Law, 149 U. PA. L. REV. 1607 (2001).

Islands of Conscious Power: Law, Norms and the Self-Governing Corporation , 149 U. PA. L. REV. 1619 (2001) also published in 44 CORP. PRAC. COMMENTATOR 115 (2002) (with Michael Wachter).

More publications can be found here.

Working Papers

Does Majority Voting Improve Board Accountability? (July 29, 2015), U of Penn, Inst for Law & Econ Research Paper No. 15-31: U. Chi. L. Rev. (forthcoming) (with Stephen J. Choi, Jill E. Fisch, and Marcel Kahan). (forthcoming)
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Institutional Investors in Corporate Governance (July 21, 2015), in OXFORD HANDBOOK ON CORPORATE LAW AND GOVERNANCE (forthcoming 2015); U of Penn, Inst for Law & Econ Research Paper No. 14-37. (forthcoming 2015)
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Taking Politics as Markets (Too) Seriously (with Nate Persily) (forthcoming)

Research Areas

  • Corporations
  • Corporate Governance
  • Securities Regulation
  • Antitrust
  • Labor Law


Penn Law - Saul A. Fox Distinguished Professor of Business Law (2001- ); Associate Dean (2006-08); Professor (1993-2001); Assistant Professor (1989-93)

Visiting Professor - Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor of Law, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel; Columbia Law School; NYU Law School; International Banking and Capital Markets Law, Institut fur Arbeits-Wirtschafts und Zivil Recht, Johann Wolfgang Goethe - Universität, Germany

Institute for Law and Economics, Penn - Co-Director (1998-2010)

The Wharton School, Penn - Professor of Business and Public Policy (2001- )


  • Corporations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Regulation of Financial Institutions
  • Corporate Governance

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