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David Ferleger

Lecturer in Law

Mr. Ferleger has decades of experience as a litigator nationally in class and individual actions, and as a scholar, teacher and speaker. He has participated in numerous cases before the Supreme Court of the United States, including five oral arguments. Mr. Ferleger has served federal courts, presiding over hearings and assisting courts as special master for nearly nine years in one case, and as court-appointed monitor class actions. Mr. Ferleger is a founding member of the Academy of Court Appointed Masters (ACAM), and on the publications committee for its Bench Book for judges. Class litigation has often achieved major structural change through discussion and negotiation, as well as judicial action. He is editor of The Future of Disability Law. Public service work has included service to the West Virginia Supreme Court’s Juvenile Justice Committee, and assisting the National Institute of Mental Health, the State of Wyoming, the State of New Jersey, the National Disabilities Rights Network, and other bodies as well. He has visited programs in about 30 states and internationally. Mr. Ferleger has broad experience including, for example, areas such as civil rights, employment, academic and university disputes, disabilities, ADA, real estate, housing and investments.

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