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Angus Corbett

Adjunct Professor

Angus Corbett

I am a lawyer who is interested in the capacity of regulation to improve our lives and to address some pressing national and global problems. As an Adjunct Professor of Law at Penn Law I will pursue this work by teaching in the fields of health law and health systems and in further research.

Since immigrating to the United States in 2012 I have worked on the question of how the United States, and other countries, can use regulation to influence systems of health care to move closer to achieving the triple aim, that is, to improve the quality of health care, to improve population health, while also reducing the cost of health care. I aim to use the position of Adjunct Professor of Law to develop and teach a comparative health systems course. I will also conduct research on the potential for making systems in health care responsive to, and dependent upon, the decisions of health care professionals. 

I have participated in a number of projects that are concerned with using regulation to achieve public policy goals in other domains. I am currently a consultant on a project that is directed at the question of using regulation to achieve Health Equity in Housing. This project is directed to the question of how local, state and federal regulators can achieve the goals of enabling equitable access to affordable, healthy housing. In 2015 I was a participant in the Regulatory Excellence project that was conducted by Penn Program on Regulation.


  • Comparative Law
  • Government Regulation
  • Health Care Policy
  • Health Care Regulation
  • Health Law
  • Law and Society
  • Social Science and the Law

Articles and Book Chapters

Angus Corbett, “A Systems Approach to Regulatory Excellence”, in Cary Coglianese (ed), Achieving Regulatory Excellence (Brookings Institution Press, 2016), Chapter 16.

Angus Corbett, "Australia: An Integrated Scheme for Regulating Liability for Medical Malpractice and Indemnity Insurance Markets That Does Not Include the Goal of Improving the Safety and Quality of Health Care" (2011) 4 Drexel Law Review 199-216

Angus Corbett, Joanne Travaglia, Jeffrey Braithwaite,"The Role of Diligence in Improving Safety: Does the phenomenon of ‘sociological citizenship’ provide a pathway for health care organizations to navigate the gap between the policy and practice of improving the safety and quality?" (2011) 25 Journal of Health Organization and Management 247-260.

Angus Corbett, Fourth Annual Michael Whincop Memorial Lecture, 'Do we have good cause to be sceptical about 'corporate social responsibility?' (2008) 17Griffith Law Review 413-432

Angus Corbett, 'Regulating Compensation for Injuries Associated with Medical Error' (2006) 28 Sydney Law Review 259-296

Adam Finkel, Daniel Walters & Angus Corbett, "Planning for Excellence: Insights from an International Review of Regulators' Strategic Plans" (2018) Pace Environmental Law Review (forthcoming)

Angus Corbett and Stephen Bottomley, "Regulating Corporate Governance" in Christine Parker, Colin Scott, Nicola Lacey and John Braithwaite, J (eds) Regulating Law (Oxford University Press, 2004) 60-81

Angus Corbett, 'The (Self)-Regulation of Law: A Synergistic Model of Tort Law and Regulation' (2002) 25(3) UNSWLJ 616-650

More publications can be found here.

Working Papers

Angus Corbett, "A review of three models for enforcing housing codes" (2017) (Paper prepared for The Center of Public Health Law Research at Temple University School of Law as part of Robert Wood Johnson Research Project entitled 5 Essential Public Health Services Project).
[View Document/Abstract]

Angus Corbett and Joanne Travaglia, “The Future of Regulation to Improve the Safety and Quality of Health Care: Creating the Conditions for the Emergence of High Reliability Organisations”. (2011) RegNet Research Paper 2013/4.
[View Document/Abstract]

Angus Corbett, "The Missing Dimension of Safety: Accommodating complex systems of networked governance in tort" (2011)
[View Document/Abstract]

Research Areas

  • Regulation of health system to improve safety
  • Comparative Health Systems: Regulation to ensure equitable access to safe, affordable housing
  • Use of systems theory to improve capacity of regulation to achieve public policy goals.


  • Comparative Health Systems and Law

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