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Clinical Faculty

Cynthia Laury Dahl
Practice Professor of Law, Detkin IP and Technology Legal Clinic
Sharon B. Eckstein L'86
Lecturer in Law
Ilana Eisenstein
Lecturer in Law, Appellate Advocacy Clinic
Jennifer M. Fernandez
Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer, Civil Practice Clinic
Kara R. Finck
Practice Professor of Law, Director of Interdisciplinary Child Advocacy Clinic
Douglas Frenkel L'72
Morris Shuster Practice Professor of Law, Director of Mediation Clinic
Jean Galbraith
Professor of Law
Ayodele Gansallo
Adjunct Professor of Law, Transnational Legal Clinic
Michele Goldfarb
Adjunct Professor of Law, Mediation Clinic
Praveen Kosuri
Associate Dean for Clinical Education, Practice Professor of Law, Director Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic
Michael Murphy
Clinical Supervisor and Lecturer, Entrepreneurship Legal Clinic
Jennifer Nagda
Adjunct Professor of Law, Interdisciplinary Child Advocacy Clinic
Sarah Paoletti
Practice Professor of Law; Director, Transnational Legal Clinic
Louis S. Rulli
Practice Professor of Law, Director of Civil Practice Clinic & Legislative Clinic
Jeremy Spiegel
Lecturer in Law
Layla Ware de Luria
Social Work Supervisor and Lecturer