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Adam M. Finkel

Senior Fellow, Penn Program on Regulation

Adam Finkel

Adam Finkel is a Senior Fellow with the Penn Program on Regulation. He is one of the nation’s leading experts in the evolving field of risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis, with 25 years of experience improving methods of analysis and making risk-based decisions to protect workers and the general public from environmental hazards. Continue reading…


  • Environmental Law
  • Government Regulation

Articles and Book Chapters

Distributional Consequences of Public Policies: An Example from the Management of Urban Vehicular Travel (March 13, 2014). Resources for the Future Discussion Paper No. 14-04; U of Penn, Inst for Law & Econ Research Paper No. 14-21 (with Winston Harrington, Elena Safirova, Conrad Coleman, and Sébastien Houde).

A Cost-Benefit Interpretation of the "Substantially Similar" Hurdle in the Congressional Review Act: Can OSHA Ever Utter the E-Word (Ergonomics) Again? 63 ADMIN. L. REV. 707-784 (2011).

"Solution-Focused Risk Assessment": A Proposal for the Fusion of Environmental Analysis and Action." Human and Ecological Risk Assessment,17:754-787 (2011). Also five invited commentaries following the article (J. Clarence Davies, Bernard Goldstein, Bruce Hope, Gilbert Omenn, and Dennis Paustenbach), pp. 788-812.

Book Review, 9 J. INDUS. ECOLOGY 243 (2005) (reviewing CASS SUNSTEIN, RISK AND REASON).

Perceiving Others’ Perceptions of Risk: Still a Task for Sisyphus, 1128 ANNALS N.Y. ACAD. SCI. 121-137 (2008) (volume entitled STRATEGIES FOR RISK COMMUNICATION: EVOLUTION, EVIDENCE, EXPERIENCE).

Protecting People in Spite of—Or Thanks To—the ‘Veil of Ignorance’, in GENOMICS AND ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATION: SCIENCE, ETHICS, AND LAW 290-342 (Ch. 17) (Richard R. Sharp, Gary E. Marchant, and Jamie A. Grodsky, eds., Johns Hopkins Univ. Press 2008).

Integrity of Scientific Evaluations by Government Agencies, 13 INT’L J. OCCUPATIONAL & ENVT’L HEALTH 128 (2007).

Remarks upon Receiving the 2006 David P. Rall Award for Advocacy in Public Health

Who’s Exaggerating? DISCOVER, May 1996, at 48.

A Second Opinion on an Environmental Misdiagnosis: The Risky Prescriptions of Breaking the Vicious Circle, 3 N.Y.U. ENVTL. L.J. 295 (1994-1995).

"Rodent Tests Continue to Save Human Lives," Washington Times, December 12, 1994, pp. 20-22.

A Simple Formula for Calculating the ‘Mass Density’ of a Lognormally-Distributed Characteristic: Applications to Risk Analysis, 10 RISK ANALYSIS 291 (1990).

Johnson, Branden B. and Adam M. Finkel (2014). "Public Perceptions of Regulatory Costs, Their Uncertainty and Distribution." In review, Risk Analysis. [note: this pdf contains Table 7-- Major Findings-- only] (forthcoming)

List of 20 publications published or submitted, from NSF "Risk Assessment and Regulatory Economics" project (and briefest summaries of each publication) (forthcoming)

More publications can be found here.

Working Papers

“Solution-Focused Risk Assessment”: A Proposal for The Fusion of Environmental Analysis and Action (currently undergoing peer review)
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