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Record: reckoning: the battle for the International Criminal Court, The


reckoning: the battle for the International Criminal Court, The

Video Call Number: Location:
DVD 366 Biddle Law Library
Year: Running Time: Format:
2009 1:38 DVD


Rome Conference of 1998 was the culmination of 50 years of effort by the part of those seeking a humane world. Representatives from 140 governments and numerous NGOs were at the conference to establish the International Criminal Court (the ICC). The ICC came into being on July 1, 2002 ratifying the Rome Statutes. Though over 120 countries voted to create the International Criminal Court (ICC), some of the most powerful nations in the world -- China, Russia, and the United States -- refused to ratify the Rome Statutes. The U.S. claimed, among other items, that the ICCs authority to second-guess the actions taken and the results reached by participating states was an infringement on national sovereignty. Nevertheless, prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo issues arrest warrants for the rebel leaders of the Lords Resistance Army in Uganda, puts four Congolese warlords on trial in The Hague, charges the president of Sudan with genocide and war crimes in Darfur, challenges the UN Security Council to have him arrested, and shakes up the Colombian criminal justice system


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