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Record: World War II: Prelude to War/ The Nazis Strike


World War II: Prelude to War/ The Nazis Strike

Video Call Number: Part Number: Location:
DVD 235 1 Biddle Law Library

Production Company

Goodtimes Home Video

Year: Running Time: Format:
2000 1:35 DVD


Parts one and two of a propaganda series of seven information films shown to the American G.I. in the 1940s. Originally produced by the United States government for the Morale Services Division which documents the causes and events leading up to World War II and exhorts Americans to support the war effort. Prelude to war: Recounts the Japanese incursion into Manchuria, the Italian conquest of Ethiopia, and the beginnings of the Nazi takeover in Eastern Europe. The Nazis strike: Documents the relentless advance of Germanys military machine, as Hitlers armies terrorize their victims with blitzkrieg tactics and spread through the Rhineland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland.


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