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Record: Guilt by association


Guilt by association

Video Call Number: Location:
DVD 193 Biddle Law Library

Production Company

Courtroom Television Network

Year: Running Time: Format:
2001 1:26 DVD


Susan Walker is a single mother raising two children. In the midst of planning a future with her perfect boyfriend, Russell, she discovers hes a drug dealer and breaks up with him. Soon, her house is raided by drug enforcement officials who charge her as a co-conspirator in Russells drug ring. Susan is innocent and confident that the jury will acquit her. But, uder a new mandatory-minumum drug-sentencing law, she is sentenced to 20 yers in jail. Her resolve tofight this injustice never wavers, even when the system has abandoned her. After years in prison, Susan learns that the government has reduced the sentences of women like her and finds there may be a ray of hope after all.


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