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Record: House Government Reform Subcommittee: Counterfeit Drugs, 11/20/2005


House Government Reform Subcommittee: Counterfeit Drugs, 11/20/2005

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1424 2 Biddle Law Library

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2005 1:05 VHS


Subcommittee members held a hearing title "Sick Crime: Counterfeit Drugs in the United States." FDA officials, drug industry representatives, and family members of counterfeit drug victims testified how counterfeit drugs enter the legitimate pharmaceutical market. Among the topics members of the panels spoke about were government regulation of the drug supply line, paper pedigrees, and criminal invesigations. During the first panel, Commissioner Lutter spoke about implementations of stringent license requirements on the state level. He discussed the use of electronic devices and new technologies in the distribution of pharmaceuticals. The second panel talked about Carlos Luis, who bought Epogen and Procrit from a gentlemans club in Miami. He moved the drugs into the wholesale market and the family of Tim Fagan sued a CVS subdiary for distributing Epogen, an anemia drug, after his emergency liver transplant. The third panel spoke about the growth of counterfeit drugs, accreditation of interstate wholesale distribution in states including Indiana, and suggestions to improve capture of criminal distributors. Randall Lutter used charts and graphs during the opening panel. Representative Gutknecht displayed a "scare-ad" regarding drugs purchased in Canada. He also presented a digital chip that could be placed inside medications to identify the ingredients and only costs ten cents. Katherine Eban is the author of Dangerous Doses: How Counterfeiters are Contaminating Americas Drug Supply, published by Harcourt. Mr. Fagan and Mr. Butler are relatives on counterfeit drug victims in Florida.

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