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Record: History's Mysteries: Cults


History's Mysteries: Cults

Video Call Number: Location:
1272 Biddle Law Library

Production Company

A&E Television Networks

Year: Running Time: Format:
2000 0:50 VHS


They are havens for people searching for meaning in their lives and unable to find it in "conventional" spiritual organizations. The vast majority of them are entirely harmless, but they attract controversy and suspicion. The word cult implies bizarre beliefs and strange practices, but that is a burden imposed by those on the outside. And it is all too easy to forget that every religion, no matter how mainstream, was regarded as a cult at some time in the past. These organizations today seem to be a magnet for tragedy, with many attracting attention and headlines with death pacts and disasters. From Waco to Heaven's Gate, HISTORY'S MYSTERIES explores the beliefs and practices of some of the doomed groups that have claimed their 15 minutes of fame. Another side of the story is told through the accounts of the Mormons and Shakers, Christian "cults" that achieved recognition and acceptance. And we'll venture back thousands of years to examine two famous cults from the ancient world--the Dionysian revelers of Greece and the notorious Assassins.


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