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Record: American Dream, American Nightmare


American Dream, American Nightmare

Video Call Number: Location:
936 Biddle Law Library

Production Company

A&E Home Video

Year: Running Time: Format:
2000 0:50 VHS


It is the largest, fastest growing and, arguably, the most powerful uniformed police force in the United States. Under the Clinton Administration, the Immigration and Naturalization service has grown exponentially, even as most other agencies have faced severe cuts. But with this rapid growth has come a disturbing number of stories of abuse and excess, and the agency has received precious little scrutiny--until now. Join Bill Kurtis and the INVESTIGATIVE REPORTSTM team for a shocking look inside an agency that is out of control. Chilling accounts from those whose lives have been turned upside down highlights the mistreatment, bureaucratic ineptitude and horrific indifference that has come to characterize the INS, while legal experts detail the undue pressures put on the agency by shortsighted, poorly drafted legislation. Officially the U.S. is a country which opens its arms to immigrants. Unofficially, some of those who want to call America home are being subjected to worse treatment than they experienced in their native lands.


  • Kurtis, Bill


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