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Record: Not Without My Daughter


Not Without My Daughter

Video Call Number: Location:
668 Biddle Law Library

Production Company

MGM/UA Home Video

Year: Running Time: Format:
1991 1:56 VHS


Two-time Oscar winner Sally Field adds another powerful acting triumph to her gallery of great roles in the suspense thriller Not Without My Daughter. She plays American tourist and homemaker Betty Mahmoody in a riveting true story of terror and escape. Betty has come to the Middle East with her daughter and native-born husband. Its just a vacation, her husband promises. But soon the horrible truth surfaces. Bettys husband doesnt intend to bring his family back to America ... ever. She may return, he says, but their daughter must stay. And he has centuries of local custom and the oppressive might of a police state backing him. As a stranger in a foreign land, Betty has no money, no friends, no rights. But she does have an unconquerable will. In a hostile, wartorn country where the slightest misstep can mean death, she makes a desperate bid to escape with her child. Her story, her courage and her ultimate triumph are unforgettable.


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