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Title Subject Call Number
A Negotiation of a Business Transaction Compromise (Law) 228
Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques: Incorporating ADR in Your Law Practice Compromise (Law) 230
Basic Negotiation Approaches Compromise (Law) 40
Basics of Negotiation-Part 1 (with Primer on Negotiation: A Video Handbook) Compromise (Law) 31
Basics of Negotiation-Part 2 (w/ Primer on Negotiation: A Video Handbook) Compromise (Law) 31
Complete Negotiations, Comparative Techniques Compromise (Law) 213
Dilemmas in Legal Ethics: Negotiation Compromise (Law) 237
Ethical Issues in Judicial Settlement and Discussion Guide Compromise (Law) 654
Legal Perspective on ADR Compromise (Law) 262
Mediation and the Dynamics of Conflict Compromise (Law) 339
Negotiations in a Business Transaction Compromise (Law) 259
Negotiations in a Criminal Case Compromise (Law) 257
Negotiations in a Divorce Case Compromise (Law) 256
Negotiations in a Personal Injury Case Compromise (Law) 258
Negotiations: Preparation, Strategies, Tactics and Problems Compromise (Law) 41
Out of Court: The Mini-Trial Compromise (Law) 248
Scenes from a Mediation Compromise (Law) 244
Training the Advocate: Negotiating a Settlement Compromise (Law) 75
Visions of Excellence: Mediation Compromise (Law) 504