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Title Subject Call Number
12 Angry Men Trials--Films 332
A Civil Action Trials--Films 831
A Cry in the Dark Trials--Films 527
A Few Good Men Trials--Films 509
A Free Soul Trials--Films 978
A Kiss Before Dying Trials--Films 1318
A Time to Kill Trials--Films 590
Accused, The Trials--Films 521
Adam's Rib Trials--Films 529
Anatomy of a Murder Trials--Films 493
Body of Evidence Trials--Films 603
Bonfire of the Vanities Trials--Films 548
Breaker Morant Trials--Films 516
Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, The Trials--Films 629
Caine Mutiny, The Trials--Films 610
Class Action Trials--Films 195
Compulsion Trials--Films 599
Criminal Law Trials--Films 738
Defenseless Trials--Films 609
Devils Advocate Trials--Films 506
Firm, The Trials--Films 520
From the Hip Trials--Films 570
Guilty as Sin Trials--Films 646
I Confess Trials--Films 595
Im No Angel Trials--Films 980
In Cold Blood Trials--Films 1009
In the Name of the Father Trials--Films 608
Indictment Trials--Films 512
Inherit the Wind Trials--Films 381
Irreconcilable Differences Trials--Films 569
Knock on Any Door Trials--Films 561
Lady in Question, The Trials--Films 983
Last Wave, The Trials--Films 574
Legal Eagles Trials--Films 607
Legally Blonde Trials--Films 1321
Letter, The Trials--Films 582
Madame X Trials--Films 579
Marked Woman Trials--Films 566
Miracle on 34th Street Trials--Films 600
Murder Trials--Films 985
Murder in the First Trials--Films 494
Music Box Trials--Films 463
My Cousin Vinny Trials--Films 613
Nuts Trials--Films 525
Ohio v. Banks - Alleged Date Rape: A College Athlete on Trial Trials--Films 480
Ox-Bow Indicident, The Trials--Films 571
Pelican Brief, The Trials--Films 524
Physical Evidence Trials--Films 594
Presumed Innocent Trials--Films 596
Primal Fear Trials--Films 519
Rainmaker, The Trials--Films 749
Red Corner Trials--Films 563
Reversal of Fortune Trials--Films 597
Roe vs. Wade Trials--Films 517
Roxie Hart Trials--Films 557
Summer of Ben Tyler, The Trials--Films 1012
Suspect Trials--Films 538
Thin Blue Line Trials--Films 507
Three Sovereigns for Sarah Trials--Films 633
Three Sovereigns for Sarah Trials--Films 633
Three Sovereigns for Sarah Trials--Films 633
To Kill a Mockingbird Trials--Films 173
To Kill a Mockingbird Trials--Films 232
Town Without Pity Trials--Films 530
Trial and Error Trials--Films 513
Trial By Jury Trials--Films 523
Trial, The Trials--Films 575
True Believer Trials--Films 537
Winslow Boy, The Trials--Films 583
Witch City Trials--Films 918
Witness for the Prosecution Trials--Films 578
Witness to the Holocaust: The Trial of Adolf Eichmann Trials--Films 491
Witness, The Trials--Films 1258
Wrong Man, The Trials--Films 541