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Title Subject Call Number
12 Angry Men Trials (Murder) 332
A Question of Silence Trials (Murder) 559
A Soldiers Story Trials (Murder) 539
A Time to Kill Trials (Murder) 590
A White Supremacist on Trial: Murder or Self-Defense? Trials (Murder) 488
AM Live: Johnny Cochran Trials (Murder) 198
American Justice: When a Child Kills Trials (Murder) 1282
Amistad Trials (Murder) 834
Beyond Reasonable Doubt Trials (Murder) 568
Body of Evidence Trials (Murder) 603
Compulsion Trials (Murder) 599
Confessions of Bernard Goetz, The Trials (Murder) 106
Court TV Presents a Question of Evidence: The OJ Simpson Hearing Trials (Murder) 492
Criminal Law Trials (Murder) 738
Defenseless Trials (Murder) 609
Ethics in America: To Defend a Killer Trials (Murder) 156
Evidence Film Series: Commonwealth v. Lopinson Trials (Murder) 46
Evidence Film Series: People v. Gorshen Trials (Murder) 102
First Degree Murder Trials (Murder) 261
First Degree Murder Trials (Murder) 261
Frontline: My Husband is Going to Kill Me Trials (Murder) 9
Ghosts of Mississippi Trials (Murder) 1006
Goetz Confession Trials (Murder) 820
Guilty as Sin Trials (Murder) 646
Hate Crime in Houston: A Mother Seeks Justice, The Trials (Murder) 472
I Want to Live! Trials (Murder) 553
Jagged Edge Trials (Murder) 535
Justice and the Generals Trials (Murder) 1267
Knock on Any Door Trials (Murder) 561
Lady from Shanghai, The Trials (Murder) 508
Lady in Question, The Trials (Murder) 983
Landmark American Trials: Sacco and Vanzetti 1921 Trials (Murder) 943
Legal Eagles Trials (Murder) 607
Michigan v Abraham Trials (Murder) 848
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Trials (Murder) 562
Mistrial Trials (Murder) 1111
Murder Trials (Murder) 985
Murder in the First Trials (Murder) 494
O.J. Simpson Trial: Background and Opening Statements, The Trials (Murder) 489
O.J. Simpson Trial: Closing and Verdicts, The Trials (Murder) 489
O.J. Simpson Trial: The Defense, The Trials (Murder) 489
O.J. Simpson Trial: The Prosecution, The Trials (Murder) 489
Pendulum Trials (Murder) 1322
Physical Evidence Trials (Murder) 594
Reversal of Fortune Trials (Murder) 597
Roxie Hart Trials (Murder) 557
Sacco and Vanzetti Trials (Murder) 250
Sergeant Rutledge Trials (Murder) 528
Shot Heard Round the World Trials (Murder) 457
Summer of Ben Tyler, The Trials (Murder) 1012
System: Interrogation of Michael Crowe, The Trials (Murder) 1372
Thin Blue Line Trials (Murder) 507
Trial and Error Trials (Murder) 513
Vermont v. Grace-A Battered Womans Defense: Fear, Not Anger Trials (Murder) 856
Vigilante Justice: The Civil Trial of Berhard Goetz Trials (Murder) 487
When a Woman Fights Back Trials (Murder) 4
Who Killed Vincent Chin? Trials (Murder) 297
Winterset Trials (Murder) 986
Witness, The Trials (Murder) 1258