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Title Subject Call Number
Bradwell v. Illinois Moot Court 565
Dave Rudovsky- Supreme Court Moot 11/1/88 Moot Court 1247
Keedy Cup 1997 Moot Court 821
Keedy Cup 2000. 1/27/2000 Moot Court 1205
Keedy Cup 2002. 1/24/2002 Moot Court 1204
Keedy Cup Moot Court Competition Moot Court 199
Keedy Cup Moot Court Competition, 1995 Moot Court 413
Keedy Cup, January 25, 2001 Moot Court 1086
Keedy Cup-January 25, 2001 Moot Court 1008
Plessy v. Ferguson: Re-Argument Moot Court 836
Trial of Hamlet: Moot Court, The Moot Court 338
University of Pennsylvania Law School Edwin R. Keedy Cup -- Final Argument Moot Court 61