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University of Pennsylvania Law School Edwin R. Keedy Cup -- Final Argument Keedy Cup 61
Keedy Cup Competition, December 4, 1990 Keedy Cup 283
Keedy Cup Moot Court Competition, 1995 Keedy Cup 413
Keedy Cup 1997 Keedy Cup 821
Keedy Cup 1993 1/28/93 Keedy Cup 824
Keedy Cup 1995 Keedy Cup 825
Keedy Cup 1999 Keedy Cup 830
Keedy Cup 1998 Keedy Cup 849
Keedy Cup 1991 Part 1 Keedy Cup 871
Keedy Cup 1991 Part 2 Keedy Cup 871
Keedy Cup-January 25, 2001 Keedy Cup 1008
Keedy Cup Moot Court Competition Keedy Cup 199
Keedy Cup 2002. 1/24/2002 Keedy Cup 1204
Keedy Cup 2000. 1/27/2000 Keedy Cup 1205
Justice Anthony Kennedy Kennedy, Anthony, 1936- 328
Plot to Kill JFK: Rush to Judgement Kennedy, John F., 1917-1963 1173
Bus 174 Kidnapping DVD 26
Eyes on the Prize II: The Promised Land (1967-68) King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968 157
Martins Lament: Religion and Race in America King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968 951
Martin Luther King, Jr: The Man and the Dream King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968 1366
Rodney King Case: What the Jury Saw in California v. Powell, The King, Rodney, 1965- 335
Rodney King Incident: Race and Justice in America, The King, Rodney, 1965- 757
Doing Justice: The Life and Trials of Arthur Kinoy Kinoy, Arthur, 1920-2003 1007
Trials of Henry Kissinger, The Kissinger, Henry, 1923- 1291
Sa-i-gu Korean Americans 316
Im Not Prejudiced, But: Korean Merchants in Black Neighbourhoods Korean Americans 363
Korean Americans Korean Americans 679
First Person Plural Korean Americans 987
Sa-i-gu Korean Americans DVD 377
Milosevic on trial Kosovo War DVD 343