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Student Organizations - Sports Groups

Civ Throw - Penn Law Ultimate Frisbee
Civ Throw, Penn Law's ultimate Frisbee team, welcomes all players to join us as we play to have fun in the spirit of the game, while discussing the obscure rules of federal procedure and evidence displayed on the back of our uniforms.
Penn Law Flag Football
Penn Law has its own flag football league where teams comprised of Penn Law students compete to be champion each fall.
Penn Law Squash Club
The Penn Law Squash Club welcomes anyone interested in playing or learning how to play squash. Club members organize lessons, matches and annual tournaments.
Penn Law Running Club (With All Deliberate Speed)
To encourage running, and to provide support for runners at the law school.
Penn Law Sailing Club

Penn Law Weightlifting
The mission of Penn Law Weightlifting shall be to promote and develop the sport of weightlifting within the Penn Law community, to motivate and support its members in their strength and fitness goals, and to foster proper gym etiquete with an emphasis on form and safety.
Penn Law Basketball League
The purpose of the league is to foster fun, physical fitness, competition and fair play among the men and women of the Penn Law community. The league is held on Fridays during the spring semester and allows the Penn Law community to play and cheer for each other. Approximately 10 teams participate annually. The Penn Law Basketball League consists of a seven-week season and one week of playoffs. The champion of the league is presented with a trophy at the conclusion of the playoffs.
Penn Law Bowling League
The Penn Law Bowling League is a student organization that serves as a forum for Penn Law students to meet fellow students, socialize in a non-academic setting once a week, and enjoy the popular pastime/sport of bowling. While there is a quasi-competitive element to the Penn Law Bowling League, the primary emphasis is on its social aspects.
Penn Law Boxing Club
Penn Law Boxing Club offers the Penn Law community physical fitness and self-defense training for students, faculty, and staff, in addition to the possibility of sparring and other competitive events.
Penn Law Cycling Club
The Penn Law Cycling Club aims to create an opportunity for members of the Penn Law Community to come together and ride bicycles for a recreational purpose. This club is designed to be a social group with a health focus but it is welcoming of all bicycling abilities. We are dedicated to making sure you have an enjoyable ride and get to know some of your Penn Law peers at the same time. This group is also open to the faculty and staff of Penn Law.
Penn Law Golf Club
The Penn Law Golf Club aspires to make golf more accessible to the Penn Law community. The Golf Club conducts outings to area courses, a spring tournament, and offers lessons with the aim of building confidence in members' abilities.
Penn Law Gun Club
A club promoting the protection and responsible exercise of the individual right to bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.
Penn Law Soccer Club
The Penn Law Soccer Club provides the Penn Law community with a group comprised of soccer enthusiasts and players who gather throughout the school year for friendly matches.
Penn Law Softball
The Penn Law Softball Club aims to provide the Penn Law community with recreational softball activities and exhibition games, and organize the law school's continuing participation in the University's intramural league.
Penn Law Tennis Club
The Penn Law Tennis Club aims to provide recreational and social activities for students. The club sponsors semester tournaments and healthy physical activity.
Work it!
To provide Penn Law students the opportunity to use dance performance as an outlet for creativity and stress relief while building a strong, encouraging community among student members.
Yoga Practice at Penn
A yoga instructor, instructors or other athletic class come to the law school once or twice a week for the benefit of the student body.