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Student Organizations - Social Groups

Geeky Law Students
We provide Law students a variety of creative and consumerist outlets in which to apply the systemic analysis that Penn Law provides through collective games of diplomacy and strategy and to expose students to thought-provoking escapist media, such as sci-fi television and pulp media.
Joint Tenants Society
The Joint Tenants Society provides social support and networking opportunities for married, engaged, and partnered Penn Law students and their partners.
Subject to Change
This monologue show is a unique expression of the varied voices of Penn Law – we solicit monologues written by Penn Law students, faculty and staff in the Fall, and student actors to perform those monologues in the Spring. Monologues can be on any topic, and may or may not be related to your law school experience.
Our group is designed to add a little southern charm to the Penn Law campus and share the joys of country music, fried food and front porches with our Northern brethren. Non-Southern law students, bless their hearts!, are invited to join Y’allSA as carpetbaggers.
Penn Law and the Arts
The purpose of this association is to foster the cultivation of knowledge and appreciation for the arts both within the Penn Law community, as well as in the community and careers beyond Penn Law. The group is dedicated to exploring ways students can apply their legal skills to support, promote, and protect the arts. Invited local scholars and practitioners speak to legal issues surrounding today’s art and artists, including art preservation, art theft, collectors’ legal interest, and museum representation and to the legal issues art institutions face on a daily basis.
Beyond a Reasonable Stout
Beyond a Reasonable Stout connects Penn Law students with Philadelphia’s vibrant craft beer culture. And through brewery tours, tastings, talks, and events, BRS educates members about the diverse range of beer styles and brewing processes, as well as craft beer’s connections to agriculture, gastronomy, community outreach, and local economies. Ultimately, BRS promotes a heightened awareness of brewing as an art form and craft brewing as fast-growing industry.
Law School Light Opera Company (LSLO)
The Light Opera Company has brought music and entertainment to the Penn community for over thirty years.
University of Pennsylvania Law School Dog Lovers Association
The University of Pennsylvania Law School Dog Lovers Association is a student organization designed to promote the interests of dog owners and enthusiasts at the law school. It will futher this mission by creating a network of students who will mutually assist each other in fulfilling the responsibilities, and benefits, of dog ownership through activities such as dog-walking and dog-sitting. Additionally, the Association will organize social events for dog owners, enthusiasts, and their dogs. Finally, the association will promote service work to promote animal welfare in the Philadelphia area.
Penn Law Fiber Arts Club (PLFA)
PLFA fosters collegiality and relaxation along with the enjoyment of fiber arts. The organization works to improve the mental health of law student by providing a community that meets to share conversation and enjoy an activity that is at times meditative. Fiber arts provide a creative outlet, which is seriously lacking while studying civ pro, con law, and torts. While teaching and learning fiber arts from each other, we also share tips on how to stay sane through 1L and beyond, and help each other succeed. We promote social interaction among 1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls, and LLMs and provide informal mentorship through the chat fostered by an activity we all enjoy. We also promote community awareness and involvement through charity knitting and crocheting.
Penn Law Movie Club
The purpose of the Movie Club is to provide a forum for the Penn Law community to watch and discuss law-related movies. We screen films about the law, lawyers, law school, legal history, or other areas of interest. Following each movie our club encourages the audience to stay and discuss the film. We aim to promote the general welfare of the Penn Law community by facilitating a lighthearted social and pseudo-educational event in which students and faculty alike can gather to enjoy movies about the law.
Penn Law Wine and Food Club
A forum for the enjoyment of good food and wine, to get to know classmates and other members of the Penn Community, and to demystify the gourmet food and wine world through a variety of hands-on tastings and seminars that focus on global wines and the foods that best complement them. The club sponsors about three events per semester that focus on wine tastings, wine and food pairings, authentic and original dining experiences and more casual wine socials.