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Student Organizations - Cross-Disciplinary Groups

Entertainment and Sports Law Society
The Penn Entertainment and Sports Law Society provides opportunities for students interested in sports or entertainment law. ESLS welcomes all Penn students, whether they desire a career in one of these fields or are merely interested in learning more about them. Through a series of speakers and panel discussions, ESLS exposes students to meaningful topics in the sports and entertainment industries. In the past, members of ESLS have successfully used relationships developed through the Society to venture into the sports and entertainment fields.
Environmental Law Project (ELP)
Students engage in pro bono and for-credit research projects to actively address the unmet needs of environmental preservation and justice on a local, regional, national and international level through support for legislative advocacy, community lawyering, and policy research. Past areas of student research/work have involved issues such as public access to information, waterfront development and protected area status. ELP currently runs an externship with the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, a local environmental group, in public interest environmental lawyering. Students apply an interdisciplinary focus to address the legal, scientific, economic, political and social factors that are involved in environmental lawyering.
Health Law and Policy Project (HeLPP)
HeLPP is a pro bono group at Penn Law that aims to provide opportunities for Penn Law students to gain practical experience in the field of health law and policy in a pro bono setting. Our projects will focus on increasing healthcare access and quality, especially for underserved populations, through opportunities where students will directly support patients and conduct research on healthcare delivery and policy.
International Law Organization (ILO)
ILO focuses on the broad issues or public and private international law and equity, such as diplomatic, political, regional, economic, technological, scientific, and environmental legal subjects. ILO supports activities for curricular development and educational exchange, professional development, as well as public interest and pro bono initiatives.
Our group seeks to expand the knowledge and career opportunities of students interested in education reform. L.E.A.R.N. serves as a network and umbrella organization for student groups and initiatives devoted to improving the quality of education in America's schools.
Law and Entrepreneurship Organization (LEO)
LEO aims to promote entrepreneurship among students, by focusing on the importance of entrepreneurship to the economy and to society, benefits and risks of being an entrepreneur, information on setting up a company or law firm, and providing guidance to students who are contemplating an entrepreneurial career.
Legal Education Partnership
The Legal Education Partnership sustains a meaningful partnership between the students, faculty, and staff at Penn Law and the students, teachers, administration, parents, and community at Boys' Latin of Philadelphia Charter School. Specifically, the partnership aims to provide comprehensive legal services and support to the students and community at Boys' Latin. The partnership is mutually beneficial, providing a place for community activism and clinical legal practice for the law students, while also providing the high school with academic support, aspiration building programs, and legal resources.
Penn Association of Law and Business
Our mission is to create a dynamic network of current students, prospective students, and alumni who are engaged in the integrated study of law and business.
Penn Intellectual Property Group (PIPG)
The Penn Intellectual Property Group focuses on enhancing intellectual property interest and activities within Penn Law, Penn, and the Philadelphia community. Among its activities, PIPG has hosted nationally prominent lawyers, business people, and professors in panels on topics such as IP Careers, Biotechnology, and Arts and Entertainment.
Penn Law Association for Law in the Arts
The purpose of this association is to foster the cultivation of knowledge and appreciation for the arts both within the Penn Law community, as well as in the community and careers beyond Penn Law. The group is dedicated to exploring ways students can apply their legal skills to support, promote, and protect the arts. Invited local scholars and practitioners speak to legal issues surrounding today’s art and artists, including art preservation, art theft, collectors’ legal interest, and museum representation and to the legal issues art institutions face on a daily basis.
Penn Law Bioethics Society
This group is dedicated to the development of students, faculty, and alumni of Penn Law. Members are committed to education, public discourse, and critical analysis of matters surrounding the field of bioethics. Past topics included definitions of death, hospital issues, and assisted suicide
Penn Law Immigrant Rights Project
The Immigrant Rights Project is a student-run clinic that provides direct legal services to indigent immigrants in the greater Philadelphia area. Penn Law students assist individuals from all over the world in applications for asylum and for benefits under the Violence Against Women Act. Additionally, students are engaged in research relating to immigration appeals and unlawful detention at Guantanamo Bay with pro bono attorneys at Reed Smith. Supervision: Nationalities Service Center, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, and Reed Smith. Legal Supervision: HIAS Migration and Council
Penn Law National Security Society
The Penn Law National Security Society is a student led-organization which aims to improve the discussion surrounding national security and the law on campus and to provide members of the organization with a clear link to legal specialists in those fields. The group holds a speaker series that includes law professors, political science professors, and professional experts in the field of law and national security. We also hold a career development series including panels of practicing attorneys in the fields of national security, database exploration of professional opportunities, and discussions with other law students who have held – or will hold – jobs in the area.
Penn Law Real Estate Club
The Penn Law Real Estate Club aims to further the education of law students interested in real estate by organizing meetings, panel discussions and informal activities with students, academics and businessmen
RegBlog is a student group dedicated to offering objective regulatory news and analysis through researching, writing about, and discussing government agencies and regulations. RegBlog provides students with the opportunity to write and edit articles for a public forum on areas of regulation, public policy, or administrative law that interest them. It also gives students the opportunity to manage a news publication, improve their writing and editing directly with a professor, and take advantage of Penn’s cross-disciplinary strengths.
Urban Ventures Project
The Urban Ventures Project builds partnerships with Philadelphia-area public schools, charter schools, and after-school programs to identify students interested in the entire venture creation process, from idea generation to the building of a sustainable business, with specific emphasis on the legal and social considerations involved in entrepreneurship. Penn Law volunteers lead small-group teaching sessions through our specially-designed curriculum, using a hands-on approach.