Professor Sarah Paoletti and Advocate Azadeh Shahshahani on the current state of ICE facilities and reform

December 15, 2020

Law School Professor Sarah Paoletti and Project South’s Legal and Advocacy Director Azadeh Shahshahani visit Case in Point to discuss the current state of ICE facilities. Sarah and Azadeh discuss efforts to abolish the system and the evolving landscape of immigrant and migrant detention. For more background, you can read their submission to the United Nations on the latest abuses at the Irwin County Detention Center. Also, Sarah and Azadeh wrote an article for Al Jazeerah focusing on UN accountability.


Sarah Paoletti

Practice Professor of Law; Director, Transnational Legal Clinic, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

Azadeh Shahshahani

Legal & Advocacy Director, Project South


Matt Merin

Multimedia Coordinator, University of Pennsylvania’s Communications Department