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Arranging Interviews

Employers who are interested in your credentials will want to make appointments to meet with you. In some cases, an employer may invite you for a screening interview after receiving your resume. At other times, you will need to schedule a call-back interview.

In general, you will telephone the employer to set up an interview. Below you will find some general advice about making these arrangements and some specific questions you may want to ask when scheduling call-back interviews, in particular.

  • Have your calendar and a pen with you when you call.
  • Speak slowly and clearly. State your name and law school and the purpose of your call.
  • Think of any questions you might have before you call. You may want to write them out ahead of time so that you don’t have to call back later.
  •  Be sure to get detailed directions to the office, including address, cross streets, location of entrance, floor to which you should report and whom to ask for when you arrive.
  • For a call-back interview, you may want to ask:
    • How long should you expect to be at the organization?
    • How many people will you be seeing (not necessarily who you’ll be seeing)?
    • If you are interviewing at a time when meals are typically served, should you expect to have lunch or dinner there?
    • What is their travel reimbursement policy? (Note that local firms and public sector organizations will NOT reimburse travel expenses.)
    • If you will be incurring travel and hotel costs, do they wish that you use a particular travel agency?
    • May you call to learn the names of the interviewers you’ll be seeing or will you get that information on the day of your interview? But be prepared that the interviewers may change at the last minute. When you arrive, you will be told something about the attorneys you are seeing; this will help you formulate questions for those interviewers. Spend your time before the interview learning what you can about the employer.