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Strategic Thinking & Organizational Savvy

Successful careers depend on the ability to enter a variety of professional environments and navigate them with self-assurance and poise. The Center on Professionalism provides programming that develops the social intelligence needed to do so.

Organizational Behavior Course

This course represents a unique collaboration between Penn Law and Wharton to develop knowledge, skills, and self-awareness relevant to management and organizational behavior in the legal profession. The learning method is experiential: over the course of a week, you will be divided into teams to work on a real-life organizational challenge modeled after the hit NBC show, “The Apprentice.” The challenge will give you the opportunity to test, develop, hone, and reflect on your capabilities in making decisions, collaborating in teams, motivating peers and supervisors, influencing clients, and building and leveraging social networks. The class is meant to be an intense immersion experience that reflects the realities of organizational behavior. Each morning, we will meet to debrief on your progress, reflect on your milestones and mistakes, and examine evidence-based frameworks, principles, and tools to enhance your effectiveness as individuals and teams. You will then have the full day to work in your team on your challenge. At the end of the challenge, there will be a meaningful reward for the winning team.

Successful Summer Series & Cracking the Market

These programs are aimed at 2L and 1L students, respectively. The goal of the Successful Summer Series is to help you understand the key professionalism skills you need to be successful in a 2L summer position. The Cracking the Market Series helps 1Ls better understand the particular demands of different geographic markets to begin networking and positioning for success in the 2L market.

Interpersonal Profiling: Harnessing the Power of Your Personality & Others

The ability to “read people” is a complex process involving people’s voices, words and body movements. This module helps make a science of intuition. The ability to decipher behavioral nuances allows us to communicate more effectively so people listen, understand and are persuaded. Penn Law students are given practical methods for understanding others – clients, peers, leadership, staff, etc. – and strategies for handling any interpersonal encounter.

Managing Conflict with Power and Presence

How does conflict impact our success as students, lawyers, and human beings? Is it possible to view conflict – or at least how we engage the conflict – as a choice? And what if we could increase power by using our opponents’ energy? The abilities to manage, resolve, and transform conflict are key skills in and out of the office and courtroom. This dynamic and experiential program involves both body and mind in simple and powerful kinesthetic activities from the martial art Aikido (“The Way of Blending With Energy”). You will examine beliefs about conflict that hold you back, physically understand concepts such as power and presence, and learn to use emotional energy with intention. This program is for kinesthetic learners who like to immerse themselves in the educational experience. Come prepared to learn, explore, participate, and have fun.

Fundraising Workshop

Given the Penn Law tradition of service, many students will eventually find themselves working for nonprofit organizations and/or serving on the Boards that oversee and advise these organizations. Others will work for government agencies and institutions that rely on grant funding. The process of applying for these funds grows increasingly complex, as do the many reporting requirements that are often tied to such funds. Later this spring, TPIC will host a workshop to help students better understand the world of nonprofit funding and develop their fundraising and grant writing skills.

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