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Summer Funding FAQs

Table of Contents:

- General Funding Questions

- Work Study Questions

Fellowship-specific Questions

General Funding Questions
What if I don’t have a job by the application deadline?

You should apply for all the types of funding that you think you might be eligible for.

Can I apply for more than one funding source?

Absolutely. You should apply for as many types of funding that may be applicable. However, you will only be awarded one type of funding with the possible exception that you may also qualify for a second, supplemental EJF award.

What are the deadlines for applying for funding?

The Summer Funding Application is due on March 6, 2020.

If you are applying for GJF funding, please note the earlier funding deadline of January 27, and apply separately here.

When will I know if I will receive funding and how much?

You will be notified by email by March 31, 2020.

Whom should I contact with questions?

If after reviewing the summer funding webpage, reading the applications and viewing the videos you still have questions, you can contact the following people:

Federal Work Study:  Bonnie Baber
All other sources of Law School Funding: Jamie Reisman


Work Study Questions
What types of positions qualify for work study funding?

Many unpaid public interest positions qualify for work study funding including jobs providing direct legal service, impact and policy work, government work, prosecutor and defender positions and judicial internships.

How do I apply for work study?

To apply, you will need to fill out three things:

1. The Uniform Summer Funding Application

2. FAFSA for the year you are applying and the next academic year (not required of non-citizens)

3. The Work Study Online Financial Aid Application

Can I get work study for two separate jobs?

Yes, but you have to provide separate Employer Information Forms and employment documents for both positions.

Can I get work study if I work in a foreign country?

Only in two limited circumstances. You must either work at a military base or an embassy. You should still apply for “Other Law School Funding” through the Uniform Summer Funding Application as you may qualify for other law school funding.

Can I apply for work study funding if I’m not a US citizen?

Only eligible non-citizens qualify for work study funds which in most cases means that you have to be a permanent resident. You should still apply for “Other Law School Funding” through the Uniform Summer Funding Application as you may qualify for other law school funding.

What if I get a paying job?

It’s important you immediately let Bonnie Baber know.

Where can I find more information about the Work Study Program?

You can find more information about it here.

Fellowship-Specific Questions
What kind of jobs qualify for EJF funding?

Jobs need to promote the public interest such as direct legal services, public defenders, non-profits and policy centers and government work. They can be international.  Judicial internships do not qualify for EJF funding.

What types of jobs qualify for GJF funding?

Jobs should involve human rights or rule of law work in either direct services or at the advisory/policy level in countries outside of the United States.

What type of work qualifies for the Lerner Fellowship?

The work must be for a public interest (non-governmental) organization, involve advocacy on behalf of minors and must be “law-related.”

What type of work qualifies for the Wolfman Fellowship?

Students must work at public interest organizations which further the rights of prisoners and other institutionalized people.  

What type of work qualifies for the CTIC Fellowship?

Unpaid internships at public interest or government organizations whose work focuses on technology policy, intellectual property, cyber law, privacy, and related fields.  

What type of work qualifies for the Morgan Lewis Fellowship?

1Ls who have unpaid internships at non-governmental public interest organizations in US Cities where Morgan Lewis’ offices are located. See here for a complete list of eligible locations.

What type of work qualifies for the Model Government and Public Affairs Fellowship?

1Ls and 2Ls Unpaid internships at federal, state, and local government agencies.

What if I don’t qualify for any of the above?

You may still qualify for other law school funding sources.  To be considered for these sources, you must fill out the Summer Funding Application and apply for “Other Law School Funding.”