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Student Group Logos

Guidelines for Student Groups

Student-run organizations must create a visual identity that incorporates the spirit of the Penn brand without violating University trademarks. Therefore, logos for student groups must be unique and should not include using any official brand elements, such as the shield or typography.

Before starting your design process, please review the university’s Student Brand Guidelines page.

Additionally, all student group names that included “Penn Law” must be updated to “Penn Carey Law.” Group names and/or logos that did not already incorporate the Law School’s name do not need to make any updates. For example, “Beyond a Reasonable Stout (BARS),” does not need to add “Penn Carey Law” to comply with current institutional branding standards.

How to Update Your Student Group Visual Identity

Follow these action items to determine if your student group needs to update its name and/or logo.


  1. EVALUATE your current branding.
    • Does it include the University Shield or official typography? Does your student group include “Penn Law”? If so, then you need to make a few easy changes.
  2. UPDATE your branding utilizing Canva or submitting a Penn StudentDesign request. If the group name/logo currently uses “Penn Law,” update to “Penn Carey Law.”
    • To login to Canva, use your Penn Carey Law email address to log in and click the “Continue with the single sign-on (SSO)” option to log in with your lawkey credentials.
  3. RESPOND to the Communications team with your updated branding by emailing Please include your student group name and icon. After submitting, you’ll have an opportunity to collaborate with Communications and incorporate any necessary changes.
  4. SUBMIT final art and student group name to Penn Clubs. ALL student groups are required to register in Penn Clubs as the official database of record for the University.
  5. APPROVAL is routed through the University’s Office of Student Affairs (OSA). If they see any issues, OSA will address it during the Penn Clubs registration process.

Student Group Visual Identity

Student organization logos may use:

  • The University Name: “at Penn” or “at the University of Pennsylvania”
  • The University’s primary colors

Student organization logos may not use:

  • The University Shield, wordmarks, and typography
  • Any elements (dolphin, books, chevron) of the Penn Shield
  • The University Shield with banner
  • The University Shield with flourish
  • The Athletic Split P or all-caps Athletic PENN
  • The University Seal
  • UPENN or UPenn or UofPenn
  • Parody or likeness of any trademarked logo/design.
  • Quotations/song lyrics/parody/third-party language.

Examples of seals and symbols not allowed for use in student group branding.


Penn University Life student brand guidelines