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Recently in Intellectual Property Law Category

January 25, 2012
 By Jeff Grillo, Associate Director for Technical ServicesHave you ever purchased a used book?  Perhaps you bought a casebook for a class online via or Maybe you visited your local used book store.  Have you ever sold an... read more!
January 18, 2012
 Review by Mark Popielarski, Biddle Intern.  Fan Fiction and Copyright: Outsider Works and Intellectual Property Protection By: Aaron Schwabach (Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing Company, 2011).  Who doesn’t have a favorite book, television series, or movie? Creative works such as Harry Potter, Star Wars and... read more!
November 16, 2011
 By Genevieve Tung, Biddle Law Library Intern A new U.S. Supreme Court term often promises high drama, but it is especially likely when Hollywood industry players are among the parties and amici. Such is the case of Golan v. Holder, which... read more!
October 27, 2010
  During the 2008 Presidential election, Fox News refused to grant John McCain permission to use a portion of his own speech. This is because McCain made the speech during a debate that Fox News moderated, and Fox News owned the copyright... read more!
March 27, 2009
I recently helped a student use an item in our Rare Books Collection to verify a citation that a professor had recorded for a forthcoming law review article.  One of the references she wanted to check was the original publication date... read more!
October 21, 2008
Did you know that October 14 was Open Access Day?  No?  That's ok, because Ed Greenlee and I didn't either until we were asked by Shawn Martin, Head of Scholarly Communication at Van Pelt library, to commemorate the event by... read more!
April 11, 2008
Last week, the Copyright Office's Section 108 Study Group released a report that suggests changes in current copyright law for the benefit of librarians and their patrons. (More after the jump.)... read more!
January 17, 2008
Welcome back! There's a nice debate online this week between a Columbia Law School professor and an entertainment industry executive regarding copyright and privacy. (More after the jump.)... read more!
November 20, 2007
In 2008, you're likely see a lot more case law available free of charge on the web. (More after the jump.)... read more!
September 24, 2007
This video discusses the history of the "Amen break," widely considered a foundational beat of hip hop and electronica, and how it serves as a metaphor for debates surrounding copyright of music not strictly available in the public domain. It's... read more!
August 16, 2007
A recent program on Public Television featured an interesting story about the conflict between intellectual property rights and traditional knowledge.... read more!
April 23, 2007
Last Friday, when most of you were probably studying for or taking exams, Drexel University Libraries sponsored a symposium on Intellectual Property Rights. Ed Greenlee, Bill Draper, Pat Callahan, and I were in attendance.... read more!
April 5, 2007
As a previous post about a new exhibit at Biddle suggested, copyright is an area of the law in which Biddle librarians and the larger Penn Law community share a special interest.... read more!
April 4, 2007
Biddle recently debuted a new exhibit for Spring and Summer 2007, "Copyright 2.0," which is currently on display in the reference area of the library.... read more!