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February 2010 Archives

February 26, 2010
    If you’ve ever tried to conduct a complicated conversation over email with multiple people, you know how challenging it can be to untangle discussions of several topics over many email threads. If the conversation also involves trading a document back and... read more!
February 17, 2010
John Lettou introduced the printing press to London in 1480. Two years later, with the help of partner William de Machlinia, he produced the first law book typeset in England. Machlinia was succeeded by Richard Pynson who, by 1500, moved... read more!
February 3, 2010
You find a reference to a book or an article that is on point for a seminar paper – but it isn’t at Biddle, on campus, or available as a pdf. Do you give up in defeat and look for a... read more!