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A Tidy Home is a Happy Home


If you’ve ever moved, you know that there is nothing worse than books. A box full of books can weigh more than an elephant. Schools, naturally, contain thousands upon thousands of books: hundreds of elephants worth of books. What students see in the library and in faculty offices is only the tip of the iceberg (or elephant, to spare you all the mixed metaphor). Behind the scenes, there are countless more documents and binders and papers and filing cabinets. In some cases there are rooms full of documents, and in some especially harrowing cases there are whole floors dedicated to nothing but the storage of tattered binders and huge steel filing cabinets full of data from the days of yore. 
One would think that such documents would only exist somewhere in the nebulous netherworld of cyberspace- ghosts in .pdf form. Given the current state of technology, there should not be hundreds of pounds of documents to move into the new building.  But, much to my dismay, electronic document storage is not always and everywhere the norm for very, very old files. Imagine my chagrin when I discovered that the .pdf file extension did not exist in-gasp!-1974! 
The hundreds of thousands of pages worth of documents nestled deep in the bowels of Silverman Hall had to be converted to electronic form at some point. The move to Golkin gives us a convenient excuse to finally make the conversion.   It only seems appropriate to undertake a major housecleaning at the start of a new year! 

Posted by Doug Mennen, Administrative Services Intern, University of Pennsylvania Law School