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September 2011 Archives

September 26, 2011
As the final pieces of Vermont marble were lifted into place, the expression of Golkin Hall’s south-facing façade came into focus.  I have always thought of windows playing a powerful role not only in the expression of a building’s outward... read more!
September 13, 2011
 Sidewalks. I know at this time of year I am supposed to write a blog about the joys of having the students all return after being away for the summer. I admit I love the energy they bring to the building. It is... read more!
September 9, 2011
“Geography is destiny”  is a simple but significant phrase sometimes attributed to Napoleon.  I would alter it slightly, and say ‘geography is personality,’ a phrase that easily  applies to the Law School complex:  four buildings connected around a central courtyard (our... read more!