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March 2011 Archives

March 29, 2011
 Education is all a matter of building bridges.- Ralph Ellison Over the past two weeks, the construction team built the steel structure for the bridge between Golkin Hall and historical Silverman Hall.  The bridge is a visible manifestation of our goals for... read more!
March 25, 2011
 I have had the privilege the past few years to work on tenant fit-out projects.  What does that mean to non-construction people?  In a nutshell, it’s warm.  So for the past few years I have not really had to the... read more!
March 18, 2011
 March 20th, the official first day of spring, is still a few days away, but it sure feels like spring in Philly – its 75 degrees today! Students are back from Spring Break, and I can detect a certain spring in... read more!
March 15, 2011
 As the nation prepares to celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival in its capital, the University is in the midst of the blooming of its newest building at the Law School. Sitting as a bare core all winter struggling to compile the... read more!
March 3, 2011
 I just got out of a meeting with Gary Clinton and the rest of my co-conspirators on the Building Transition Team. There are some exciting milestones coming up in the next months but one is particularly exciting for the little... read more!
March 1, 2011
 At the beginning of the academic year we were told that we, the LLMs of 2011, were the only group of law students whose entire course of study at Penn would take place during the construction of Golkin Hall. At... read more!