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January 13, 2012

Orin Kerr on The Collapse of American Criminal Justice

I've been meaning for weeks to link to a very thoughtful review by Orin Kerr of Bill's book on the Volokh Conspiracy blog: here.  Orin gives an excellent summary of the book and its importance, then concludes by asking, among other things, whether Bill's account of criminal justice in earlier eras is too "rosy."  It's well-worth reading.

New Book of Essays on Bill's Work

"The Political Heart of Criminal Procedure: Essays on Themes of William J. Stuntz" has just been published by Cambridge University Press: here.  The book is based on the papers written by a number of the country's top criminal justice scholars for the conference at Harvard Law School in honor of Bill in 2010.  The essays are terrific.  (The hardback is pricey; if folks who interested in purchasing a copy email me privately, it's possible I can get a bit of a discount.)