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Less than the Least

A number of people have asked about the future of this blog.  I'm still thinking and praying about whether to continue the blog in something like its current form.  I'll probably keep Less than the least going for at least the new few months (and probably the rest of the year), as more tributes to Bill's life and work are in the works, and two books are forthcoming-- his magnum opus on criminal justice and a book of essays based on the conference celebrating his work last year.  Even if the blog concludes this year, I hope to keep it up in some form, so that the posts and links will remain readily available.

I've gotten dozens of emails and notes expressing condolences for the loss of a beloved friend.  I am so grateful for this kindness, which is yet another reminder of what a remarkable person Bill was and how far his influence extended.



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I am so sorry for your loss. I JUST "got to know" Mr. Stuntz today. I was reading an article he wrote for C.T. and could really relate to his physical (back/leg) pain. I then googled his name and was shocked to learn he'd gone to be with the Lord. I pray God will comfort you in your grief. He seemed like a great man!