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Tribute in the N.Y. Times

Tomorrow's N.Y. Times has a lovely tribute to Bill, written by Lincoln Caplan, on the editorial page: here.  I've also linked to it in the post with the earlier tributes.  The Caplan tribute also links to the extremely moving testimony Bill gave when he joined Park Street Church.


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Professor Stuntz life and work taught me a great lesson. Do not dismiss out of hand, what someone has to say because of the labels given them and because the meaning and pictures in my mind those labels conjure up. Conservative? You mean like the intelligent William Buckley who supposedly gave "respectability" to the word conservative but wrote racist columns in the National Review in the late '50s. Republican? You mean like any Republican in the California legislature today who refuses to vote to put a tax measure on the ballot so that the voters of California can have a say as to whether taxes can be maintained to raise 12 billion to balance the budget after the Dems cut spending by 14 billion. Evangelical Christian? You mean like no nothing cold hearted, calculating souls like Jerry Falwell? Listen to them, or read what they have to say? No thanks.
Those labels tell me enough. Well, the life of Professor Stuntz, his courage, insight, and yes, holiness gives no it alls like me pause. Codolenceses to his family and may he rest in peace.