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The Memorial Service

Here are the bulletin and the three sets of remembrances from the memorial service on Saturday, as well as reflections on the service sent to me by one of Bill's former students.  If I'm able to get a tape of the entire service at some point, I'll put that up as well.

The Bulletin: BillStuntz3-19-11Bulletin.pdf 

Remarks of Bill and Ruth's daughter Sarah: sarah-remarks.pdf

Remarks of Bill's brother Dave: dave-stuntz-remarks.pdf

My remarks: stuntz-memorial.pdf

Comments on the service by a former student: Notes-on-Bill's-Funeral.pdf


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Comments ( 2 )

You're story about the snow was very touching.

Thank you so much for posting this. I never met Bill, but the things he has written have really helped me through my own battle with cancer. I love what his brother had to say here.