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Bill's Health

As many of you know, Bill’s cancer news is not good. His doctors now have said that he should look at his life expectancy as a matter of weeks, not months. Although Bill is tired nearly all the time, the pain medications have made the pain more bearable than he had feared. As won’t surprise those who know him or have followed his posts, he is in remarkably good spirits. I will post more information soon, but I wanted to give a brief update for the many people who have been thinking about and praying for Bill and his family.


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I just lost my wife two weeks ago; she had fought for over 8 years. although I had all that time to get ready, I wasn't even close. I pray that his remaining time be peaceful, and surrounded by friends and family. My wife's passing was surprising peaceful - especially after all she had been through. I pray his is the same.

Thanks David for the update. The uncloudy day will be here soon.

My prayers are with Bill through this. I also have Stage IV cancer, and just came across this blog. I've read all of his entries; his honesty is refreshing and unusual, and one of the more helpful things I've read. (Incidentally, I'm a former Penn Law student, although it looks like David and I missed each other by about a year).

Although I have never met Professor Stuntz, I follow his and your blog, and have found his candid account of his illness inspiring and a source of strength. Whether here or at his next stop, he should know that his reach goes well beyond just among those who know him. God bless him and his family.

Prayers to Bill, hope he gets better

As a Christian attorney and a first-time reader of the blog, I am thankful for Bill's Christian testimony to the end. His witness is an encouragement. Like him, I am thankful that the Great Atoner is with us to the end--and beyond.