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A Contemporary Caravaggio?--Skeel

This very interesting article (unfortunately, not fully available yet) on Caravaggio in the current New Republic reminded me of an email conversation with my friend (and Pepperdine law prof) Bob Cochran a couple of weeks ago.   Bob asked me who I think the closest contemporary analogue to Caravaggio is. I won’t mention my answer, because it was much less interesting than Bob’s. Bob proposed Mel Gibson. I think it’s a terrific comparison. Gibson isn’t as gifted as Caravaggio, of course, but he’s extremely gifted, and his reckless, disturbing life is no longer separable from his art.


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"Gibson isn’t as gifted as Caravaggio, of course.."


I bet Gibson's movies will be classed above Caravaggio's paintings in 100 years. We don't realize how good Hollywood is--- it's what our era will be remembered for, I think.