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Veritas Riff--Skeel

I’m the elder statesmen—actually, old guy would be more accurate—in a really interesting initiative called Veritas Riff that is designed to train a group of young and mid-career Christian scholars to write and speak more publicly. 

This little column describes our initial meetings in Cambridge, MA last month. A great fringe benefit of the timing and location was having the chance to catch up over dinner with Bill, his wife Ruth and their son Andy. Bill was about to start the new chemo regimen, but there was a lot of laughter nonetheless, and of course an idea or two to borrow and turn into blog posts more interesting than anything I would come up with on my own.


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Say it ain't so. Has no one commented on this article in more than three weeks? Really? Truly? If this is a forecast of things to come you'll be playing Second City next year to a crowd that is snoozing or hasn't even shown up. Are evangelicals that disinterested in engaging our culture for Christ?

On another note, I don't know if it's my age or what, but I couldn't help feeling that all of the Hollywoodesque prep you talk about in the column is a bit over the edge. Whenever Christians talk about engaging the culture, I can't help but think of the Apostle Paul at Mars Hill. He was prepared to engage the men of Athens because he knew the culture well, and he knew the Scriptures better. I sometimes fear that we think these two ingredients are a given, when they aren't, and then we move straight to the gimmicks of our culture to help us bring the Gospel to bear, gimmicks that aren't even serving the culture at large too well.

Having said that, my hope and prayer is that Veritas Riff is a huge success. And, uh, oh, have you thought of adding to your arsenal of scholars Peter Feaver at Duke?