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Interview With Poet Charles Wright--Skeel

Many many years ago, while I was in law school, I took a poetry workshop with Charles Wright.  He was already a well-known poet then, and he's subsequently won the Pulitzer Prize and many other awards.  In addition to being a superb poet (the critic Helen Vendler recently described him as one of America's major poets) and a true gentlemen, he's also quite funny.  Here is a little interview culled from a conversation I had with him a few months ago: skeel-charles-wright-interview.pdf

Here's a bit of information about Wright and one of his poems. 



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Thanks. I blush to admit I was unfamiliar with Wright's poetry, but I followed your link to the Woodpecker poem and have found a new poet to love.

I, too, was unfamiliar with Wright's poetry, although I was aware of who he was. I will delve a bit more into his work now. Thanks for posting this.