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Stuntz Celebration--Skeel

As hard as it was for Bill to endure the fuss, the celebration at Harvard Law School was, by my lights at least, unforgettable. The papers from the first three panels featured most of the nation’s leading criminal law and criminal procedure scholars, and hopefully will be published as a book. A recurring theme, made by very different scholars in very different ways, was the extent to which Bill’s work has transformed criminal law and criminal procedure scholarship.

The final panel was more pervasively personal.  One example of the stories, from remarks by Ken Abraham, a colleague of Bill’s when he was at the University of Virginia: when Bill was up for tenure at Virginia, two colleagues (one of whom was Pam Karlan, another panelist) got their hands on the stationary used by the central administration, and sent Bill a letter. Although the administration had received Bill’s tenure materials, the letter said, they unfortunately would need to carefully parse each one of his articles. The process would probably take at least six years. Bill fell for the ruse.
We didn’t give Bill an opportunity for rebuttal, but he presented the sketch of a new paper on the initial panel.
As soon as we have a DVD of the proceedings, I’ll post a link for anyone who’s interested. 


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Would be very grateful for the link.


Hopefully, I'll have it sometime next week. David

Any update on the papers from the first three panels being turned into a book?



They will indeed be published-- by Cambridge University Press. We're waiting for a few of the final papers to come in, and the book (tentatively entitled "The Political Heart of Criminal Procedure: Essays on Themes of William J. Stuntz") will hopefully be out by the end of the year or (more realistically) early 2012.