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Bill Stuntz Conference at Harvard March 26-27--Skeel

Harvard will be hosting a conference honoring Bill next weekend.  The conference will consist of four panels of speakers on Friday and Saturday, the first three on criminal law and procedure and the last on Bill's life and work generally.  The line-up is extraordinary (here's the Harvard announcement and here's a fuller description from Orin Kerr, one of many terrific speakers who will be there), and it promises to be a memorable event.  It's open to anyone who would like to attend.


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I am so sorry to miss this event (but I was thrilled to learn that it will be webcast). I took several classes from Professor Stuntz at UVA, and he is a wonderful teacher. I am delighted to know that he is being honored this way and that so many people have this opportunity to let him know the impact he has had on their lives.