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More Good Cancer News--Stuntz

I got the results of my latest set of films a few days ago—no visible cancer in my lungs or abdomen: the places where it is likeliest to show up. Happy news indeed. As my oncologist puts it, each clean set of films is “eating up risk”: the next eighteen months are the time when cancer is most likely to reappear. (When it does reappear, it’s likely to stick.) That scenario is still probable, but it’s less probable than it was. 

I’m still experiencing what I’d call chemo side effects if I hadn’t been off chemo for three months now: I remain more tired and queasy than I should be. Plus, my back and right leg hurt as much as they ever have—meaning, they hurt a lot and they hurt all the time. Even so, this latest news is very good news indeed. Whenever the good times end, I will still be grateful for this time.


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We praise God and rejoice with you on this latest good news. Anyone who has gone through those tests know the anxiousness involved in waiting.

My husband and I are in a similar kind of situation and we are doing the best we can to live just one day at a time but it is harder than we ever imagined. There is no doubt that it does change your perspective in many, many ways and we also are trying to make the most of each moment.

May God continue healing you, using the medicines you have endured and all the skills of the doctors. And a miracle or two would be okay as well. Jo

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!

That's terrific news! Very glad to hear it.

I'm delighted to hear the good news; I've been praying for you.

Thank God! We are all pleased to hear it.

Professor Stuntz,

This is great news. I wish intensely for your continued recovery, your increased fortitude, and for the cancer to stay away.

For your pain and nausea, you should consider the medicinal use of cannabis. For some people, it is incomparably effective. As I understand it, you are in Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, under 1 ounce-- a month's supply -- is a mere $100 civil citation. (The new law has been in effect since Jan. 1)

Again, I am incredibly delighted to hear the good news and I hope for the continual improvement of your health.