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We’ve just passed the one year anniversary of Less than the Least—our welcome post went up on February 28, 2008. 

Bill and I had been talking about starting a blog for a month or so when Bill’s cancer was diagnosed last January. Our first impulse was to put the idea on hold, but our second thought was just the opposite: the blog might be a way for Bill to share thoughts about his cancer, in addition to whatever thoughts and ideas we had on other topics.

It’s been a memorable year, both for the nation and for us personally. We are deeply grateful for all the comments and emails—those that said one or both of us must be crazy every bit as much as the ones that agreed with us.   Keep them coming, and Lord willing we will too.


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Comments ( 2 )

I'm glad you chose as you did. I've really enjoyed this blog so far. Thank you.

Yes, I've enjoyed the blog a great deal as well, thank you both.