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God Bless America--Stuntz

I never much liked the Ronald Reagan rhetoric treating the United States as the new Jerusalem, the “shining city on a hill.”  It struck me then and, most days, strikes me now as idolatrous.  But I can’t help feeling that the rhetoric fits this day.  Thanks be to God, who has blessed this country lavishly.  May those blessings abound in the new President’s administration.


A small P.S.: Rick Warren’s invocation was very good, but I thought Joseph Lowery had the prayer of the day.




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Couldn't agree more re: the convocation and benediction. Dr. Lowery's prayer felt...right.

Truly a magnificent day for us all. Not because BHO will be a great president, or because GWB was a bad one. But because we live in a country where people who disagree on both those questions can come together and participate in a peaceful transition between them.