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Good News on the Cancer Front--Stuntz

On Wednesday of this week, I heard that the latest round of films were clean--no tumors in my lungs or in my abdomen. Lungs and livers are the places advanced-stage colon cancer likes best. The fact that they appear to be cancer-free now doesn't mean I'm cured, not by a long shot. But it does raise the odds, if only by a little, that I'll be around for awhile longer. For me, that's very good news.

Not long ago, a wise friend told me that the key to navigating cancer treatment is not to get too high when the news is good, and not to get too low when it's bad. That's good advice: there are many twists and turns in this road, enough so that good or bad news is likely to be followed, sometime, by its opposite. Even so, I can't help experiencing a measure of joy about this latest development. Maybe--just maybe--I'll live to hold a grandchild, or see my sons, ages 20 and 18, graduate from college. If not, that's OK; I don't feel cheated: many, many people in this sad world suffer much worse and deserve much better than I. Good medical news is no moral entitlement--not something I'm supposed to have. The feeling is more akin to a child's wonder at the packages under the tree on Christmas morning. I remember that feeling well; it seemed as though my whole body smiled. It feels that way now. Even if there are no more such presents, thanks be to God for this one.


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Those of us who love (philia) you are cheered by this good news.

saw this on instapundit.

always happy to see success in this ongoing battle against this scourge.

i am in the same boat so keep on keeping on and best wishes for the future.


I don't know you, but came here via Instapundit. Best of luck! My parents both died of metastatic colon cancer -- I'm happy for everyone who beats this particular bastard!

I was in your criminal law class at UVA in 1989. For me, returning to school to study law was like an extended Christmas, with so many fascinating ideas and stories. Your criminal law class was best present in the bunch, bar none. It brought me that feeling of wonder and excitement. So, here’s a thanks to you and best wishes.

Here from Instapundit...I know scads of cancer survivors...SCADS. Here's to adding you to the list.


I've been an avid admirer of your writings (and, given their personal nature on this blog, your character) for some time.

This post makes me very happy and I sincerely wish you the best of luck going forward.

Professor, I was not aware until the Instapundit link that you had been battling cancer. I have since my criminal procedure class at UVA been following you from a distance and have continued to profit from your wisdom--through your writings on law and on faith. It is good to learn bad news for the first time in the context of its having passed for now, and let's hope for good. Know that the thoughts and prayers of many of your former students, this one included, remain with you. Best wishes--and thank you for all you've meant to so many of us. Whit

Very good news indeed.

Good to hear!

Praise the Lord, Bill, for this good news. I take this as an answer to prayer for you. Your postings have been a blessing and encouragement to my faith. George McFarland

Oh, Bill!

Check in on you by this blog...so glad Ruth shared it! Great news and yes, well deserved! You mean so much to so many and you struggle/battle every day. Keep putting those feet forward and bless you for your sharing of something so personal and difficult.