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Bill's Fiftieth

We won’t ordinarily celebrate events like birthdays on this blog, but today’s is special enough to warrant an exception: Bill has just turned 50. It’s hard to believe he is fifty years old now, but it is also hard to believe that a scholar who has contributed so much for so long is only fifty. My prayer, to use the terms of Bill’s remarkable reflections on time in his recent blog posts, is that this year will bring not just survival, but a great deal of life.

Happy Birthday, Bill.


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Hi Professor Stuntz,

I have been reading, following and being inspired by your writing on this blog for many months now. Thank you so much for such sincere sharing.

Am joining the many whom you have inspired through your writing in wishing you a lovely and blessed birthday, with many even lovelier ones to come.

Ps Professor Skeel, thank you for letting us know of Professor Stuntz' bday.


Sorry to be late, but hope it was a good one, with many more to follow.

Happy birthday, Bill, and God-willing many more!