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Memorial Day--Skeel

The Memorial Day tributes in the papers today reminded me of one of the few pleasant airline experiences I’ve had in recent months. Of the hundred or so passengers on a flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta, roughly a dozen were uniformed servicemen and women. Some or all were, I think, returning from tours of duty in the Middle East. After the plane touched down, and the flight attendant welcomed us to Atlanta and thanked us for flying, she made a point of saying what a privilege it was to have members of the armed forces, who do so much for the country, on the flight. At which point everyone spontaneously burst into applause.


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I had a similar experience, with a nice twist: the flight attendant noted that since they were returning home and probably wanted to see their families as soon as possible, she asked the rest of the passengers please stay in their seats and let them exit the plane first (they were seated in the rear of the plane). Everyone stayed in their seats and applauded as the soldiers (all Army National Guard) left with huge smiles on their faces.