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My Condition--Stuntz

My surgery happened about ten days ago; I’ve been home from the hospital for a week. The surgery went well, as these things go: the tumor was sizeable but they apparently got all of it, which is good news. Cancer has spread to a few lymph nodes, but fewer than the docs expected. I’m to start chemo, and possibly radiation, soon.

I was hoping to do a fair bit of blogging during this time, but that may be harder than I had imagined: there are good days and bad days, and on the latter, reading and writing just aren’t possible. I’ll do what I can.

I’m trying to feel that eagle soaring . . .


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Comments ( 3 )

Strength and peace and patience to you, Dr. Stuntz. God will provide.


We are praying for you, Dr. Stuntz. My wife just went through a partial radical masectomy for breast cancer, so we know a bit of what you are going through know. God's peace on you.

Will be sure to pray for you and your family.