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GOLD Ambassador


If you’re a Law School Graduate Of the Last Decade, then you qualify as a member of our GOLD Alumni Network!

The goal of this initiative is to keep recent graduates connected to each other and involved with the future of the Law School. By providing opportunities for first-hand professional development with other seasoned graduates, as well as social networking activities, GOLD members benefit from the Law School’s most valuable asset - our alumni network.

Suggestions about an event or venue? Contact Claire Gill ( or Elisabeth Aulepp ( and stay tuned for upcoming events!

Ambassador Program

Our ambassadors are a group of motivated young alumni looking for ways to better engage with and serve the Law School’s graduates of the last decade. Ambassadors strive to nurture relationships and encourage lifelong engagement among young alumni through programming and communications that are uniquely tailored to their own needs and perspectives. The program will focus on events, career services and lifelong learning, communications and marketing, fundraising, and regional programming.

Ambassador Program Sign Up

Become a GOLD Ambassador Today!

  • Sign on to our alumni committee to take part in quarterly calls to plan upcoming events and initiatives.
  • Take an active role in planning and promoting alumni events through direct outreach and social media.
  • Promote GOLD engagement – GOLD alumni are a critical part of the Law School’s fundraising base. Gifts of any amount help foster lifelong engagement in Law School activities and future fundraising campaigns. Ambassadors will work with the Development team to create a GOLD-specific fundraising message to provide support to selected initiatives.
  • Give Back – GOLD Ambassadors are asked to make a gift at Young Leadership Levels.
    -$250 (or $21/month) – for 2016-2019 graduates
    -$500 (or $42/month) – for 2011-2015 graduates
    -$1000 (or $84/month) – for 2010 graduates