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headshot of Olivia Rosenzweig

International Law at the Department of Justice

As an extern with the Department of Justice, Olivia Rosenzweig L’23 worked on projects in the Office of Foreign Litigation and the Office of International Judicial Assistance.

Areal view of the urban sprawl and row houses in south Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Disproportionate Impact of Act 135

A groundbreaking report from the ARC Justice Clinic reveals a racially disparate impact on property owners subjected to petitions under the Abandoned and Blighted Property Act (Act 135).

The Honorable Carolyn Engel Temin FA’55, L’58

In 2000, Judge Carolyn Engel Temin FA’55, L’58 received the Anne X. Alpern Award by the Pennsylvania Bar Association Commission on Women in the Profession.

Fair Leases in Philadelphia

Prof. David Hoffman and a team of Penn Carey Law students created a pathbreaking model lease for Philadelphia that is fair, legal, and free.

Appellate Waiver in Pennsylvania

In a comment published in the Journal of Constitutional Law, Sarah Reeves L’23 analyzes how Pennsylvania courts apply the appellate waiver doctrine, arguing that its excessive use constricts litigants’ right to appeal.

Seeking Justice for Students in Idaho

As a Catalyst Fellow, Erica Rodarte L’22 launched an investigation of two Idaho school districts on behalf of Latine students.

cyber security hologram with digital shield 3D rendering

Assessing Algorithms for Public Good

At The Regulatory Review, Soojin Jeong L’23 advocates for algorithmic impact assessments (AIA) as a tool to promote accountability without sacrificing regulatory flexibility that supports innovation.

Sarah Perlman L'22

Consumer Law & Elder Justice

At Greater Boston Legal Services, Sarah Perlman L’22 worked to ensure older adults retained access to financial resources and legal services supporting their economic independence.