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Board of Advisors


The Board of Advisors serves as a bridge between the Law School and the community beyond its walls.

As the advisory board to the Dean, the Board provides the Law School with a panel of professionals, experts, and informed lay people — primarily alumni — who volunteer leadership, advice, and financial support to the Law School.

The Chair

The Chair of the Board of Advisors is appointed by the Chair of the University Trustees, with the advice of the University President. The Chair is appointed for a term of three years.


The Board of Advisors normally convenes three times during each academic year. Meetings will vary in their schedule, content, and format, but these sessions are balanced between overviews and substantive discussions of issues and challenges that the Dean wishes to explore.

Members of the Board of Advisors are expected to:

  • Participate in scheduled board meetings;
  • Provide long-term and short-term advice to the Dean regarding strategy, goals, and priorities;
  • Serve as a sounding board for the Dean, ask tough questions, and hold the Law School to the highest standards of excellence;
  • Assess the current contributions of the Law School in relation to the needs of the public and professional communities;
  • Make the work of the Law School more widely known among alumni, prospective students, potential donors, employers, and professionals;
  • Provide regular updates on these matters to the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania;
  • Ensure that the school has the resources necessary to achieve its goals by being a source of financial support.

2023-2024 Board of Advisors


Osagie Imasogie LLM’85

Board Members

Rory A. Babich L’89
Matthew L. Biben L’92
Michele K. Brettschneider L’93
William P. Carey II WG’19
Charles I. “Casey” Cogut L’73
Steven M. Cohen L’88
*Stephen A. Cozen C’61 L’64
Rick D’Avino W’77 L’80
Marcy Engel L’83
Eric J. Friedman L’89
Joseph D. Gatto L’84 WG’84
Frank S. Ghali L’00
Perry Golkin W’74 WG’74 L’78
**Charles A. Heimbold, Jr. L’60
Ann Klee L’86
Jennifer Krevitt C’86 L’92
Murray Kushner C’73 L’76
Randy M. Mastro L’81
Jami Wintz McKeon
Patricia M. Menendez Cambo L’89
Martez R. Moore L’98
John Page L’90
Richard Pepperman II L’90
David Perla C’91 L’94
Seth P. Plattus L’86
Helen P. Pudlin CW’70 GED’71 L’74
Thomas Sabatino L’83
Jodi J. Schwartz W’81 L’84 WG’84
Paul E. Shapiro C’64 L’67
Steven T. Shapiro C’89 L’92
The Hon. Patty Shwartz L’86
David M. Silk L’88

Ex-Officio Member (LAS President)

Michael A. Saslaw L’82

** Chairman Emeritus
* Emeritus